Analytics by Emric.

In a world that’s always spinning. With markets that never stand still. We make time for innovation.

Our roots are in the financial industry and we were born out of an idea: to challenge contemporary mortgage giants with a simpler, smoother, cheaper and superior value chain. From this we created CREDIT SCIENCE™. Our technology makes it possible for users to lower cost of administration, improve process efficiency and time-to-market. Making sure your business keeps ahead of competition and stays top of mind in the industry. 

But CREDIT SCIENCE™ is not just a product. It has become our mind-set. A curious and questioning mind-set that runs through our veins and in everything we do at Emric. Never standing still, never satisfied. Always researching, always looking for the next big thing. Ready to discover what CREDIT SCIENCE™ can do to your bottom line?

Speed up innovation with financial analytics software by Emric.

  • Analytics by Emric
  • Analytics by Emric is a smarter and better way to use data. We focus on seven key areas that help our customers improve their business:

    • Data Management
    • Dashboarding
    • Fraud & Security
    • Decision Modeling
    • Toxic Portfolio Management
    • Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)
    • Machine Learning



    Contact Emric for more information on our financial analytics software.

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