Loan Administration software by Emric.

Available separately or combined, Loan Origination and Loan Administration are solutions for processing high volumes of corporate credit, mortgages and unsecured loans. For each product, there´s a choice of standard service level and delivery type: license, software as a service and FINANCIAL BPO by Emric.

Compliance made simple.

  • 1.

    Compliance with legal and infrastructural requirements, reducing operational risks as well as allowing connectivity with multiple channels


    A continuously compliant solution with real time automated process support and public API’s for multi-channel integration


    Ability to quickly adapt to new market requirements and being able to grow your business

Loan Administration software at its best

Once the credit has been signed it passes into the administration phase. Loan Administration software looks after credit processing from first payment to final accounting. Loan status updates are made in real time with the highest level of data security.

Loan administration is based on the Microsoft platform and is the leading system for consumer credit, mortgages and corporate financing in the Nordic region. In total it is in used in 19 countries, with clients including a number of major banks.

  • User friendly
  • Able to process large volumes
  • Support for different currencies and languages
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Easy to link to business and credit reference agencies
  • Easy to integrate with other core banking systems.

Loan Administration modules include support for the following: multi-tenancy, multi-collateral, multi-country, multi-currency, reports, self-service, accounting and public interfaces. By choosing to combine Loan Origination and Loan Administration, banks and credit providers get end-to-end system support for credit processing. Both systems are available with a choice of standard sourcing options.

Sourcing Options

You can choose software licenses or let Emric take care of hosting with Software as a Service (SaaS). We can also supervise all or part of the origination and administration process with FINANCIAL BPO by Emric. Select the sourcing option that suits your business needs:

  • License
  • SaaS – purchase the software as a service with external hosting by Emric
  • FINANCIAL BPO by Emric – external process management for origination and/or administration. Emric can take care of the credit process from first application to final accounting. Standby services are also available for securitization programs.

Contact Emric for more information on our Loan Administration software.

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