Lease Origination software by Emric.

Available separately or combined, Lease Origination and Lease Administration are solutions that make it possible to automate the application and administration process for asset and equipment financing, hire purchases and rentals. For each product, there’s a choice of standard service level and delivery type: licence, software as service and FINANCIAL BPO by Emric. While leasing companies focus on core business, Emric takes care of the rest.

Speed and Agility.

  • 1.

    Manual and time consuming process for applications and scoring


    An automated process for application, scoring, decision and documentation phase


    Shorter time-to-market and improved customer service

Lease Origination software at its best

Lease origination software by Emric is ideal for businesses working with structured financing deals and small ticket flows. Emric helps you automate the entire process from application and scoring to decision and documentation.

All input data is validated during the application phase and high volumes of data can be managed, both single parameters and complex variables. The decision phase combines risk scoring, thresholds and business rules that determine the credit decision. The third and final phase – documentation – ensures that all the required documents are produced with the correct client information. The asset financing contract can now be signed.

  • Centrally managed, tailored to local markets
  • Support for a wide range of currencies and languages
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Workflow and task driven user experience with flexible configuration
  • Capable of processing large volumes and small ticket handling as well as structured financing deals
  • Easy to link to business and credit reference agencies 

Lease Origination modules include support for the following: multi-country, multi-currency, multi-GAAP, multi-collateral, complete AR and AP processing, additional services and job automation. By choosing to combine Lease Origination and Lease Administration, asset finance companies can get end-to-end system support for the entire leasing process.

Sourcing Options

You can choose software licenses or let Emric take care of hosting with Software as a Service (SaaS). We can also supervise all or part of the origination and administration process with FINANCIAL BPO by Emric. Select the sourcing option that suits your business needs:

  • License
  • SaaS – purchase the software as a service with external hosting by Emric
  • FINANCIAL BPO by Emric – external process management for origination and/or administration. Emric can take care of the credit process from first application to final accounting. Standby services are also available for securitization programs.

Contact Emric for more information on our Lease Origination software.

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