Credit Business Rules.

cBR enables the configuration of lending products. At its core is a rule generator that makes it possible for banks and credit providers to design new products and optimise campaigns. Input data can be imported from scoring models and reference populations. The output is new business rules to optimise loans.

Speed up innovation.

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    More product innovation and faster time to market


    The configuration tool called cBR by Emric


    Competitive campaigns, faster time to market and reduced innovation costs

How is it possible to cost-effectively design new loans and improve ongoing campaigns?

cBR is a configuration tool that includes a flexible application programming interface (API). This enables clients to call a business rules engine to test, configure and produce new lending products by simply changing variables to simulate market conditions.

Complex data validation

The cutting-edge business rule engine handles input data including:

  • Credit policy
  • Scoring cards
  • Pricing models
  • Decision policies.
Production motor

Key values and results for each credit application are regularly saved in the production environment. These files can be analysed based on different ratios, such as directly approved applications and loans with conditional approval. cBR makes it clear which rules trigger the decision.

Interact, modify and analyse

Users can modify rules and change limit values, for example by deactivating one rule and changing the maximum limit for another. The changed values are saved as modification files and it’s easy to add new value types and change the behaviour of the policy rules. By simulating changes in the rules with real production data you can quickly simulate in real time market effects of rule changes.

Fast-moving markets

Highly competitive financial products, such as corporate loans and unsecured consumer credit, demand fine-tuning. Technology makes it possible for clients to compare offerings in real time and you need to stay competitive. Markets don’t stand still. And neither do you. Modelling and testing new financial products can be a costly and time-consuming business. As a result, there’s an inherent risk that the innovation pipeline narrows and time-to-market increases. That’s where cBR by Emric comes in.


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