From online broker to bank challenger. Nordnet has steadily broadened its product offering, from securities trading to pension and bank products. In collaboration with Emric, Nordnet offers a prize-winning Top Loan.

Nordnet offers a prize-winning Top Loan.

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    An award-winning top loan

Trust is key if you want to win customers for savings and loans. One successful niche player in banking is Nordnet, focused on shares, funds and pension savings. And one success factor is that customers can manage their own portfolios via an easy-to-use online interface.

Shares and funds are naturally moved by the market, with prices exposed to a high degree of uncertainty and fluctuation. Market uncertainty, anywhere in the world, can have a major impact.

“We realised that to grow Nordnet we needed to develop our product offering with new bank products. Not least since traditional bank products offer a more stabile foundation to stand on,” explains Jan Dinkelspiel. “Even if we’re the opposite of a traditional bank, traditional bank products have proven viable for unconventional players like us.”


Makes good financial sense

Nordnet launched Top Loan for a specific target group. Top Loan is for bank customers with sound personal finances and due to this, and straightforward handling, Nordnet is able to offer highly competitive rates.

“The key to a good savings product is good terms and conditions. And there was no reason to alter that when we started to add on loan products. Top Loan is something we’re proud and happy to be able to offer.”

Top Loan was launched as a new product for a new target group, something that appealed to the magazine Privata Affärer. The product won Loan of the Year 2011 and was described by the magazine as “Best loan for those with sound finances and who need extra money without high interest rates and complexity.”

“We’d never have won this award without our cooperation with Emric,” says Jan Dinkelspiel. “They have a big role to play in this success.”


Emric as the base

At the start of the project, Nordnet had significant expertise in shares, funds, pensions and credit risk, but was less experienced in processes for unsecured loan administration.

“Why build up expertise in-house when we can collaborate with Emric, whom we also already work with?” says Jan.

Nordnet created Top Loan together with Emric’s experience of credit handling and credit processing. FINANCIAL BPO by Emric enable Nordnet to focus on market communication, credit risk handling, refinancing and strategy, without worrying about the IT and administrative processes.

“Nordnet saves time and money by utilizing our services,” says Jonas Brännvall at Emric. “These services are dynamic and cost-effective, not least because they’re scalable. The more the customer grows, the more we can deliver and help create the conditions to keep interest rates.”


New product in three months

Another advantage for Nordnet is that FINANCIAL BPO by Emric enable faster time to market. It took three months from Nordnet’s decision to collaborate with Emric until the first customer was in the system. Compare this to the time it takes, normally at least a year, to build in-house competence.

Time is money and short lead times are key to success in the competitive world of lending.


Nordnet in brief

Nordnet’s business idea is to offer services to individuals and companies so they can take control over their financial future. The company targets conscientious savers in the Nordic countries with a vision to become the Nordic savers’ first choice in terms of savings and investments. Nordnet AB (Publ) is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.


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