Delivering first class customer projects. This is how we did it.

Delivering complex IT projects on time and with quality is a challenge, and anyone who has worked in IT, or has any insight into the subject, knows that many projects fail. The project might be struggling with cost overruns, late deliveries and poor quality and at the end there is an unhappy customer and an unhappy project team. Not a good combination. Luckily, there are exceptions.

In our recent white paper we will share with you some of our insight and best practise from one of our recent customer projects, the implementation of Emric’s Lending solution to Finnish Bank Aktia.

The use of agile principles largely contributed to the positive results experienced so far in the project and we will explore this in detail and explain how.

Sneak peek at the content:

  • Background and introduction
  • Setting the scope – project start-up
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Key success factors
    • Collaboration and Communication
    • Early and continuous delivery
    • Embrace change
  • Conclusion

Please download your copy here! We hope you will enjoy reading it.

Publisched in September 2015

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