Deutsche Leasing.

Deutsche Leasing chooses to establish itself on the Nordic market with Go With The Flow. The concept involves asset and equipment financing for customers that buy from German manufacturers. And Emric has a significant role to play in its successful launch.

Go With The Flow.

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    Outsourced leasing administration

Deutsche Leasing and Emric started their cooperation in 2007. Emric met a specification that was very much focused on whether Deutsche Leasing should outsource its leasing administration or not. The choice was FINANCIAL BPO by Emric.

“It was clear we made the right choice, not least after the first three-year contract period was up. We repeated the same process and came to the same conclusion: we’ll outsource administration to Emric,” explains Göran Carlsson at Deutsche Leasing.

Deutsche Leasing is active in 24 countries and is Germany’s oldest and largest leasing company and the third largest in Europe. The company is specialised in the financing of larger B2B assets such as construction, tooling and printing machines.

“No cars, no IT products and no office machinery. Our niche is what we call supplier or equipment leasing where we work closely with German manufacturers offer both quality machines and good financing when the customer comes knocking,” says Göran Carlsson. “This model is often appreciated by customers who feel secure in a ‘One Stop Shop’ where they get the desired product and advantageous financing at the same time.”

Stockholm houses Deutsche Leasing’s hub in the Nordic countries. 

“We have no ambition right now to enter into competition with the big banks. We work in the margins as they see it, but we’re working hard and growing.”

Emric’s roll as outsourcing partner means that Deutsche Leasing can focus on what they’re good at, smart financing solutions for customers of German manufacturers. As in many other cases, Emric works behind the scenes for the successful brand that is Deutsche Leasing.

Emric takes over the process when the leasing contract is signed up until the leasing period ends. This involves registering new customers and objects, invoicing, payment review, reminders and reports. Deutsche Leasing gets access to a window on the system so they can follow customer status at any time, all in accordance with the principle see but don’t touch. Deutsche Leasing can see everything that’s happening with the customer, while only Emric can act, alter or add.

“We can go into the system and manually administer customers that, let’s say, haven’t paid after the second reminder. But in general Emric deals with the administration in such a way that we almost forget it’s there,” says Göran Carlsson.


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Deutsche Leasing chose to establish itself on the Nordic market with Go With The Flow

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