Danske Finans.

“In a highly competitive market it’s more important than ever to create flexible solutions that give customers more choice,” explains Rolf Ekström at Danske Finans Sweden. “With our Contract Borrowing we can provide just that, not least for the sales of capital goods.”

Create flexible solutions.

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    A flexible and low-touch dealer finance process


    LEASING by Emric


    Three parties, three winners

Dealer finance, three parties, three winners

Contract Borrowing has a number of keys advantages, according to Rolf Ekström, among them increased margin and sales, closer customer relationships and reduced administration.

“Dealers borrow on their leasing and repayment contracts. They can independently decide on the customer interest rate and influence the interest margin. The dealer takes the credit decision and can complete the deal directly without delay.”

“Via Emric’s business system dealers have full control over their customer base and maintain customer contact, while we at Danske Finans are relieved of all end-customer administration.”


Emric at the core

A prerequisite for Danske Finans to be able to roll out this unique solution are the support services provided by Emric. They make it possible, with limited investment, to roll out an almost unlimited number of ‘virtual’ dealer credit companies all over Sweden. Danske Bank can entirely focus on meeting its customers, the dealers, while everything behind the scenes is taken care of by Emric.

“Emric not only has control of the technology, they also understand how we run our business,” says Rolf Ekström.


Emric covers operations

A dynamic, managed services solution that delivers cost-efficient process improvements was a key reason why Danske Finans chose Emric.

“Emric has the expertise and their people are extremely competent in this area,” says Rolf Ekström, who goes on to list new customers the product has attracted.

These are encouraging words for Emric: “We are proud to have established a close and comprehensive partnership. We also see significant opportunities for more solutions that enable Danske Finans to launch new smart and differentiating financial products,” says Linus Singelman at Emric.


Danske Finans in brief

Danske Finans is part of Danske Bank Group, one of the largest financial enterprises in the Nordic region. The Group offers customers a wide range of services in the fields of banking, mortgage finance, insurance, leasing, real-estate brokerage and asset management.


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Danske Finans

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“In a highly competitive market it’s more important than ever to create flexible solutions that give customers more choice,” explains Rolf Ekström at Danske Finans Sweden.

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