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    Emric is a global provider of software solutions for origination and management of virtually any type of loan, mortgage, asset finance and lease. With 60+ customers in 24 countries and management of financial contracts in 94 countries Emric develops products that are designed for multinational conditions.

    We started out by introducing Sweden to algorithmic banking and fully automated end-to-end credit processes in 1999. Since then our products have been developed to not only meet the requirements of practically any retail financing and commercial financing scenario but nowadays our solutions also include deposits, card approvals, traditional and alternative scoring, electronic identity, electronic signing, AML and KYC. Emric’s customer base includes banks, insurance companies, captive finance companies, online lenders and alternative financing companies. To sum things up we deliver core banking solutions tailored around lending and leasing for any type of customer. Regardless of your corporate size or the size and type of financing that you provide Emric has your software needs covered.

    Our approach to software development and delivery is that of an agile product company that intimately works together with our customers in order to takeaway pains and deliver gains. This product orientation enables us to deliver our solutions at record breaking speed, reduce implementation costs and continuously upgrade our applications with the latest advancements in our software. We deliver our solutions On Premise, SaaS or BPaaS using Emric’s experienced organization or our network of first class partners.

    Our solutions amass 20 years of insights in the optimization of lending and leasing business processes. We continuously evolve our portfolio to maximize sales and minimize risk for and together with our 60+ customers. Our understanding of our customer’s customer is fine tuned in our BPaaS delivery where we operate our own software and manage business processes for leading players in the financial markets. We are 200+ professionals committed to the perfection of credit processes. We call this Credit Science™.

    Consider us when you want compliant solutions that enable you to grow faster, become leaner, and improve control or to go global and deploy new markets fast. We have the experience of running one installation in 15+ markets with local flexibility and central control. We call that Multi Local.

    Our solutions are extensible and scalable. We call that being prepared for your success.


    Contact us to discover what Credit Science™ can do for your bottom line




  • Pedram Tadayon Head of Emric


    Måns Larsson Sales


    Maria Börjesson Customer Operations


    Jonas Brännvall Products & Services


    Olof Dedering Software Delivery


  • Emric was founded in Stockholm in 1999.

    The company was named after the founder of the Öhman Group, Emric Öhman Jr, whose first name is a combination of Emma and Eric, the names of his parents.

    Emric’s story actually begins in 1994 with the establishment of the BoKredit building society in partnership with the Swedish Post Office. This opportunity arose when the Post Office began selling mortgages and insurance policies under the brand name ‘Lita’ and it was Emric, a division of the Öhman banking group at the time, that owned the mortgage lending business and was responsible for credit approvals, financing and administration.

    At that time, there were only a few dominant mortgage players in the Swedish market. And in order to take on this competition, Emric needed to take credit processing to a new level.

    As a result, a business support system was built to fully-automate mortgage processing. For example, Emric was the first company in Sweden to include housing evaluations, create connections to the National Land Survey and the UC credit information agency, and integrate automatic credit regulations and household budgets using one single system.

    Emric found out that by using smart automation the time required to process a mortgage could be reduced from five hours, for a manually-processed mortgage, to three minutes.

    In 1999/2000, Emric sold the mortgage credit business to Danske Bank, after which BoKredit became Danske Bolån.

    On 1 September 2016, Emric was acquired by Tieto Corporation, a leading Nordic IT service provider and software company.


    Corporate history


    1999 – Emric established

    2001 – Becomes a separate company, co-owned by employees and E. Öhman Jr AB

    2004 – Enters the Norwegian market

    2005 – Acquires Eldean AB

    2005 – Launches finance process outsourcing

    2006 – Establishes consulting

    2007 – Acquires products from WM-Data AB

    2007 – Bisnode AB acquires 50.1% of Emric

    2010 – Shares bought back from Bisnode

    2010 – Acquires Financial Systems AB

    2012 – Acquires Extenda Financial Solutions AB

    2013 – Acquires Intologic AB

    2016 – Emric acquired by Tieto Corporation

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